RFID in Retail Industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE & Saudi Arabia – WOW RFID



Our RFID platform, which extends from sources to DCs and DCs to stores, covers the full retail supply chain. 1000 articles and almost 100 million already-tagged things Every minute, a new customer joins, and we work to assist them in achieving their business KPIs by:

  • 100% accurate shipments,
  • Complete control over stock
  • Item level visibility
  • Reduction in holding costs
  • 0% Safety Stock
  • 99% and above inventory accuracy with frequent cycle counts
  • 100% Omnichannel Fulfilment
  • Smart consumer experience with behavioural analytics
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RFID Application in Retail

  • Store Inventory
  • Stock checking
  • To eliminate out-of-stock situations
  • Omni-channel retail
  • Rapid Replenishment
  • Merchandise planning
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