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File Tracking

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Keeping track & maintaining large no of valuable documents/files for a long time is very important for Banks, Financial Companies, Insurance, Hospitals, Public Sector, Government Departments, Educational Institutions. Misplace or theft of confidential documents causes significant impact on the business & secrecy of an organization information.

RFID based file tracking solution helps track and trace the files and documents with the help of the UHF RFID tags on them. Each file will have an RFID tag on it with a unique ID and can be read and populated with the data with a mobile device. The unauthorized movement of the files outside the allowed area can be prevented by installing RFID readers and
antennas at the exit points of the premises.

Bene Files tracking solution enables an organization/department to identify, track, verify and manage documents. Our solutions can tag the important files, such as legal documents, signed contracts, accounting documents, wills, and deeds etc. We can even check the individual file and its linked documents inside the file at the time of issuing and returning from the authorities. Employees should also have visibility in the file access history of these critical documents in case one is misplaced or lost.

We provide all the necessary hardware and software to help companies manage their document and file tracking needs. Our RFID experts install all the project equipment for your file tracking system and provide training on how to use it. The software we provide will automatically update the records of each document with the location of documents through fixed RFID readers track and trace function throughout the building. We can even provide RFID cabinet to monitor who removes files/documents from the archives.


Benefits :

  • Automated & Effective File and Document tracking real-time tracking, searching location & availability.
  • Locate and retrieve files quickly and efficiently.
  • Risk of misplace or theft of document is controlled.
  • Improves inventory Management with digital sign-off of files dispatched and received.
  • Read multiple files in one go to keep up records for stack audit records.
  • Prevent unauthorized movement of the files outside the premise.
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