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Our Solutions

Asset Tracking

Asset management ensures location accuracy and inventory shrinkage regardless of industry, environment, or asset type, whether you wish to track numerous assets across numerous locations or a few high-value assets within a certain area.

Inventory Tracking

Warehouses, Retail and distribution centers have a huge inventory. The efficient management of this inventory is paramount not only the profitability of the the business but also to the customer satisfaction.

People Visibility

Visibility of the staffs is the key to measure their productivity and improving their efficiency. Whether it is hospital, office or a manufacturing environment it is really challenging to get the data of the locations of their presence in real time.

File Tracking

Document tracking is the process of monitoring and managing the movement of documents through an organization. It helps ensure timely delivery, proper handling, and compliance with regulations.

Passport Tracking

Keeping track & maintaining large number of valuable Passports for a long time is very important for Companies. Lack of visibility of the Passports leads to inefficiency and security concerns for most of the organizations.

Attendance Monitoring

Our RFID based attendance monitoring system register the employee attendance in a seamless manner using the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) based employee badge and the BLE Beacons.

RFID Solution Providers in Dubai, UAE & Saudi Arabia


About Us

We provide end to end RFID solutions to retail, manufacturing, corporate, healthcare, government, oil & gas, hospitality etc.
Being the focused company to provide RFID solutions in middle east, we have been recognized as the market leader with the growing and prominent client base.
Our services include project consultancy, system design, tagging service, software development, RFID reader and antenna installations, user training and system maintenance. Our partnership with various RFID reader, antenna and tag manufactures across the globe help us to deliver the most optimum RFID solutions for any industry and any customer budget.
Bene, our RFID platform is integrated with various technologies like UHF, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), sensors (temperature and humidity), GPS etc. provide data on a single dashboard for the customers to view quickly and take the right decision.