RFID in Manufacturing Industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE & KSA



Using RFID, you can trace materials or components throughout the production process to make sure they are where they need to be at the correct moment. To track bulk containers, moulds, or tools and make sure they are properly maintained, it can also be employed. RFID enables process automation and improves production visibility. It may be linked with current production and ERP systems and delivers a quick return on investment.

With RFID tags attached to parts or batches of raw materials, you can monitor their movement along the production line, determine how much time they spent at each stage, and confirm that they have completed all the necessary stages.

Sensors placed at significant points along the route read the tags. The tags update the factory or ERP system each time a component or batch of materials passes, automatically tracking work in progress and eliminating the need for manual tracking.

When components or batches need to go through additional procedures or where part-finished goods need to be stored for a while, RFID is perfect for complex or specialized manufacturing operations.

A full RFID solution from WOWRFID is available, including hardware, specialized software, and IT system integration. We have the knowledge to choose the right technology for your requirements and can also design the software and offer the support needed for a successful implementation.

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Advantages of RFID in manufacturing industries:

  • Increased transparency of the production process
  • Better management of ongoing work
  • Operations are automated, saving time
  • Enhances product quality and cuts down on waste
  • Excellent for custom manufacturing
  • Provides complete product traceability
  • Quickly profitable investment