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The Benefits of RFID Technologies for Schools

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Schools and universities face big challenges like recording the attendance of students, real-time checks on class schedules, and improved transparency between the schools and parents. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can solve many of these complexities, however, it still requires the administration to manually input data. For instance, a simple roll call, one of the most recognizable aspects of schools, involves manually recording a student’s presence or absence in the software. Hence, an RFID solution for people tracking gives schools an upper hand when it comes to streamlining their processes.


Get to know the benefits of RFID technology when integrated with your school ERP


  1. Quicker and more accurate attendance

Track student attendance by embedding RFID chips into their ID cards and monitor them accurately. An RFID reader efficiently records the presence of a student as soon as he/she enters the school premise. It can be integrated with an ERP system to keep a record of student attendance.

Manually checking student attendance will become reductant with this technology. The class periods can be used wisely and effectively to save teachers’ class time. Also, it helps to lead a complete and accurate picture of student attendance which can be used for further investigation or verification.

  1. Great security within the campus

Every parent’s one of the major concerns when choosing a school is their child’s safety. RFID embedded ID cards help you track the movements of students. It instantly records the activity of your students. This gives parents a greater sense of relief, knowing that their child is safe on the campus. It can also become a feature that gives a school an edge since more parents will be willing to enroll their child in a school with advanced security features.

  1. Faster library checkouts

Books and ID cards embedded with RFIDs will transform your libraries into an efficient department. You can instantly record the checkout of a book by the library. Educator’s RFID library module, for example, uses barcode technology with a unique serial number that can easily be implemented to track books more efficiently. The benefits of RFID technology in college libraries are twofold.

Firstly, it allows schools to track the availability of certain books, which student had last checked out the book and whether it is overdue.

Secondly, it reads and tracks if a book was taken out of the library and who has taken it out even if it wasn’t properly checked out.

Student real time tracking will prevent the theft of books from the library and track the usage of books from the library.

  1. Alerts parents of their child’s activities

RFID devices can give you the upper hand in monitoring your child when he enters the school. These devices can be integrated with a school’s ERP system to send alerts to parents whenever unusual activity is detected automatically. If a child is not present during a specific class, enters school late or leaves class early, parents can be alerted through a simple text message. This allows you to check it with the respective parents. This will establish a strong parent-school communication standard. Also, this helps parents have greater visibility and recognize the school as a safer place and it increases their trust. For  keeping track of your child activities feel free to get in touch with the best RFID solutions provider in Dubai,

  1. Planning and reviewing class schedules

Efficient RFID technology can be an excellent way to improve the recording of class schedules and subjects. Track students who have attended various sessions. This quickly enables you in identifying any clashes in the school schedules. This allows you to easily switch around the timetables and fetch the classes which are getting low attendance. This is one of the advantages of RFID, which can help school staff optimize timetables and improve student attendance.

  1. Improve accuracy of salary disbursement

RFID systems will help you with the perfect correlation of the class hours and the salary they actually deserve. Deductions and additions in the pay can be done wisely and streamlined. It is a time-intensive effort if done manually. Also, could bring a lot of mistakes into light.  An innovative solution will enable you to track and record teacher activity.


The benefits of RFID technology are numerous. They can increase the security of students, improve payroll processing and give parents a greater sense of visibility. We are the best and unmatched innovative RFID solutions provider in Dubai, Contact us.