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Asset Tracking

Performing accurate and timely asset inventory is mission critical and any grey area will affect the bottom line of your business. Bene Asset Tracking solution platform is purpose-built for asset management and inventory control using RFID technology that delivers both value and performance.

Bene Asset Tracking solution combines durable RFID tags and Smartphones and is more intuitive than barcode systems. When you deploy Bene Asset, you will receive instant visibility into your asset’s location and when an asset has moved.

Image of Asset tracking

Inventory Tracking

Warehouses, Retail and distribution centers have a huge inventory. The efficient management of this inventory is paramount not only the profitability of the business but also to the customer satisfaction. Reducing the manual operation is the key to save time, money and improving the accuracy. The key to effective inventory control is maintaining accurate records of both incoming and outgoing stock.

Bene inventory using RFID technology helps you to automate and track the inventory with minimum human intervention. Using the RFID technology it is more easy to identify where to pick, put away and easily count your items in a very busy distribution centre.


People Visibility

Visibility of the staffs is the key to measure their productivity and improving their efficiency. Whether it is hospital, office or a manufacturing environment it is really challenging to get the data of the locations of their presence in real time. It is even more critical for emergency services like hospitals and critical mission handling operations. Bene People, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based people tracking system provide real time data of the locations of the people.

Image of people tracking
Image of doc tracking

File Tracking

Keeping track & maintaining large no of valuable documents/files for a long time is very important for Banks, Financial Companies, Insurance, Hospitals, Public Sector, Government Departments, Educational Institutions. Misplace or theft of confidential documents causes significant impact on the business & secrecy of an organization information.

RFID based file tracking solution helps track and trace the files and documents with the help of the UHF RFID tags on them. Each file will have an RFID tag on it with a unique ID and can be read and populated with the data with a mobile device.


Passport Tracking

Keeping track & maintaining large number of valuable Passports for a long time is very important for Companies. Lack of visibility of the Passports leads to inefficiency and security concerns for most of the organizations.

Bene Passport, the RFID based Passport tracking solution helps track and trace the location of each passport with the help of the RFID tag pasted on them. the fixed RFID reader installed at the exit points gives alert to the administrator on the un authorized movement of these passports hence can take the right action at the right time.

Image of Attendance tracking

Attendance Monitoring

Seamless Attendance Monitoring is the new norms with most of the organizations. Organization want to register their employee’s attendance automatically when enter and leave the premise. Our RFID based attendance monitoring system register the employee attendance in a seamless manner. Using the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) based employee badge and the BLE Beacons the attendance log can be transferred to the central system through the existing WiFi infrastructure. It makes the installation of the system very economical without any additional infrastructure.