RFID Technology Helps Organizations to Manage and Track Employee Passports

RFID Technology Helps Organizations to Manage and Track Employee Passports

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Dubai is one of the world’s leading business hubs, so it’s no surprise that businesses face a lot of international travel and immigration. With the right passport management, you can ensure a hassle-free and compliant process for your employees who come and go for business.

Managing and monitoring employee passports with the help of cutting-edge technologies such as RFID improves security and verification. This is especially important in sectors where large volumes of passports are handled. There is a need for RFID solutions Dubai for tracking these essential documents.

Let us understand RFID technology to manage and track your passport.

Usage of RFID Based Tracking and Recording of Passport Movements

RFID based solutions are important to track documents like passports for documentation, storage and retrieval. It also helps to prevent unauthorised access and movement of the passport as a notification can be created if a passport leaves a specified target area. It is especially important for organizations like hotels, construction and other industries for keeping a track of documents like passports.

Apart from that, it is a convenient solution to find a missing passports in case they are not able to trace it.

Let us see a few ways in which the RFID solutions are able to keep a track of the passports and other documents:

  1. RFID Tags in Tracking the Movement of Official Documents

RFID tags work by using receivers and sensors, which actively communicate information through a channel. The antennas and other devices, which can process an RFID output, are present in the entire premises. Thus, whenever a transfer of passport occurs from one point to another, a receiver senses it. Hence, using such a technology you can pinpoint the location of such passports.

Thus, it is a method for RFID passport tracking systems, which are present for processing data. The data from the RFID tags are directly routed to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) server. Therefore, it becomes easy for a person to track the entire movement cycle of a specific document.

The entire process of using an RFID tag to locate a passport is as follows:

  1. Passport connects to an RFID tag.
  2. Sensors and receivers are present in every point of the building including entry and exit points.
  3. A person carrying the passport walks through one of the readers.
  4. Radio waves transmitted from the RFID reader activate the RFID chip which is present inside the passport.
  5. Tracking ability of the location of a specific passport increases.
  6. At the receiving end of data, ERP software processes the location information from the RFID chip.

Thus, using such a technology benefits the RFID passport tracking systems by preventing any mishandling of the document.

2. Get a Real-Time Update About a Specific Passport

The way an RFID tag reader works is simple as it has an antenna coil, a Transponder (which is an RFID tag having some unique information), and a Transceiver (with a decoder). With the use of an RFID tag reader operating at a frequency of 433 to 960 MHz, you can track multiple passports at once. Thus, RFID passport tracking systems can deliver information about multiple passports at a single time.

Moreover, using an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software it is easy to locate a particular tag. Thus, it reduces the time required for finding the passport and it can be simply located using its location from the tag. Moreover, the passport may have an RFID tag etched into a passport, which helps to monitor the place or the department where you can find your passport.

In this respect, it is essential to note that by using an active RFID tag real-time updates can be found easily. Active RFID tag reader processes the information and communicates data in a Transponder-Receiver data communication method. Thus, using data from the reader it becomes easy to find the specific location of the passport. This data helps to verify and find a passport if it is lost while travelling.

Benefits of RFID in Employee Passport Tracking

Employee Passports are an important documentation that is prone to mishandling provided their size. However, such problems can be reduced using an RFID passport tracking system in counters and institutions.

  1. Access Control Using Passports

In this system, the passports have some information etched into them. This information may be a unique code or encrypted information. Whenever a scanner reads the passport then it identifies and decodes a message based on an internal program. Thus, RFID passport tracking systems help to decode and verify access to an individual.

2. Cost Effective Solution

With RFID passport tracking systems, organizations such as corporations and large institutions can easily monitor documents equipped with RFID chips. This makes it simpler for you to track and manage files effectively.

Moreover, in commercial institutions or business settings, cost is a critical factor to consider. Therefore, implementing a document management system utilising RFID chips significantly reduces the risk of document loss, thereby cutting costs..

3. Improving security of the premises using RFID passports

Employee passports are essential for an employee coming to work in Dubai. It is not only an official document but it is also used as a gate pass in many organizations or business institutions. Thus, it is important to keep these documents safe and use them in times of need. RFID passport tracking systems offer convenient solutions to track and manage passports of your employees.

Additionally, if a passport is stolen during arrival or departure then it can be easily tracked down. Thus, it ensures that your personal information remains safe with an RFID etch or a fob attachment to your passport. A simple passport fob or etch can also contain more information in a compact size. This helps to communicate it with readers and helps in tracking and verifying entrants.

Apart from that, the integrated chip in an RFID card also helps to track the movement of the passport in a facility. At WOWRFID, you can choose from the best solutions that are available for you to track passports. We offer convenient solutions, which help you to increase security and safety along with tracking important documents.

Contact WOWRFID – based Bene Passport, to get a custom-made solution for your entire document tracking needs!


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