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RFID GPS Solution implements vehicle safety in UAE

The UAE market utilizes in imports, making heavy vehicle transportation important for getting foreign goods into cities.

The security and safety of residents being the primary concern, the RTA recommended an RFID GPS solution in August of 2017 to track heavy vehicles that are over 20 years old.

Since then, the need for RFID GPS systems has grown more significant for the RTA.

In 2018, the technology has expanded to not only tracking old vehicles weighing 2.5 tons or above but also to tracking newly registered heavy vehicles for safety and accountability purposes.

Eventually, the plan will extend to tracking commercial vehicles as well.


RFID is a promising technology for tracking and attendance solutions. It is even more effective when implemented with GPS.

Together, GPS enabled RFID provides relevant, accurate and detailed information, preventing mishaps and allowing for effective solutions.

Moreover, managers and authorities will be more aware and will not be caught off guard at any time.

RFID GPS in heavy vehicles

Real-time data of vehicular movement, check- in/out of multiple drivers, monitoring driving speed or stops at unprecedented destinations, vehicle temperatures and driver routes can all be monitored simultaneously.

Police, transporters and fleet managers can immediately intervene in an emergency situation before it is too late.

RFID and GPS technological solutions, if implemented together, can improve vehicle safety in Dubai.

It also improves driver safety, not only by making drivers feel accountable for driving habits, but can also give them credible records of their activities.

GPS enabled RFID can decrease accidents, provide road safety, and help save fuel and time.


WOW RFID consults, designs, builds and delivers IoT solutions which use technologies like RFID, Bluetooth, and GPS to provide location visibility and ensure accountability, control, and security.

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