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RFID enables Key Tracking and Access Control in UAE

The UAE is known for its two largest cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which draw millions of tourists each year.

Of course, it is expected that these cities will have a high occupancy rate in business hubs and hotels.

With many rooms in hotels and cabins in work spaces, access is usually granted through a specific key which maybe manual or a coded ID card to guarantee safe and limited access to critical areas, equipment, documents or information.

Since the keys are restricted to specific individuals, it results in manufacturing a huge number of keys for each important official.  However, tracking a huge number of keys becomes a nightmare at one point.

Hence, the management often seeks an efficient strategy in key control & management, in its distribution to various officials and the maintenance staff.

Access control through RFID Key Tracking

Key control and management can also be useful in populated centers which include large-scale enterprises, educational institutions, multi-functional complexes such as sports and games, governmental facilities, dispatcher’s offices and hotels.

Since keys remain an integral part of security, it is important to recognize the key-holders identification and location before granting them the access.

An RFID based key management system can restrict the entry of people by providing them access to individual keys in which their current movement can be tracked and displayed, building an efficient access control system.

Knowing who holds the key, when they took it and where they are means controlled access, which makes people feel more accountable resulting in decline of lost keys.

Implementing a key management system can reduce operational costs and resources by eradicating the manual issue and ensure return of keys.


WOW RFID consults, designs, builds and delivers IoT solutions which use technologies like RFID, Bluetooth, and GPS to provide location visibility and ensure accountability, control, and security.

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