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RFID enables faster emergency evacuation in the UAE

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In the years 2016-2018, the UAE has witnessed a decline in swimming deaths, injuries, road accidents, and other accidents due to intense emergency planning.

The safety of residents is a key priority, and the Government has aimed to reduce risk factors and reinforce preparedness to respond to all hazardous incidents and emergencies by developing measures and executing an effective Emergency Action Planning which has been successful so far.

Emergency response and evacuation are especially needed in complex buildings. Though the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management claim that they have an effective emergency management plan, they admit that there is always scope for improvement.

However, even though the emergency plans are effective, one can never foresee the actual response of a panicked citizen as well as the overall results of the emergency planning and management. Every life is important even if the Emergency planning saves a majority.

The role of RFID in emergency planning

Emergency management depends on responders during crisis. If the first responders act efficiently, it reduces the response time during emergency evacuations. RFID Dubai solutions can make this possible.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as a technology can help provide the visible ongoing location of the employees during an emergency.

It can be implemented in all the sectors and industries. The employee just has to wear the RFID badge or wrist band which can be tracked at various check points in the building by the RFID Readers placed at an assembly point.

If employees are missing, while assembling at the point, RFID can point them out by segmentation. It then tracks down those missing and provides brief details on the identity and location of each employee.

Their current location will be sent as an alert to the system after which focused rescue actions can be executed.


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