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People Visibility


People Visibility

Visibility of the staffs is the key to measure their productivity and improving their efficiency. Whether it is hospital, office or a manufacturing environment it is really challenging to get the data of the locations of their presence in real time. It is even more critical for emergency services like hospitals and critical mission handling operations. Bene People, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based people tracking system provide real time data of the locations of the people. Most accurate, cost effective and simple to install BLE beacons and gateways is the solutions of the challenges in today’s people tracking. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) provides low-cost, sleek, and easy to deploy indoor positioning and tracking with long battery life. Bene People platform integrated with BLE technology and floor mapping provide real time movement of the people in any locations. We can trace and track not only employees but also Patients, visitors, facility management staff, cleaning staff, maintenance staff, field visitors and every type of the employee or visitor can be tracked.



  • Accurate and tangible data on employees/visitors present at any specific moment in real time.
  • Documentation and the maze of procedures were both drastically simplified.
  • Superior personnel safety was achieved thanks to the robust tracking of employees in the event of an emergency.
  • Greater employee productivity levels were achieved driven by efficient data analytics.
  • Performance tracking and time management for better ROI


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