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Passport Tracking


Passport Tracking

Keeping track & maintaining large number of valuable Passports for a long time is very important for Companies. Lack of visibility of the Passports leads to inefficiency and security concerns for most of the organizations.

Bene Passport, the RFID based Passport tracking solution helps track and trace the location of each passport with the help of the RFID tag pasted on them. the fixed RFID reader installed at the exit points gives alert to the administrator on the un authorized movement of these passports hence can take the right action at the right time.

Hand held RFID readers can identify a specific passport from a bunch with the unique ID of the RFID tag on it hence a lot of time can be saved in searching the right passport.


Benefits :

  • Prevent unauthorized movement of the Passport outside the premises.
  • Easy to identify the required Passport from the massive storage.
  • All Check-in & Check-out transactions are captured.
  • Reduces manual handling time and Improve Passport management process.
  • Automated & Effective passport tracking real-time tracking, searching location & availability.
  • Risk of misplace or theft of passport is controlled.

Ideal for

  • Facility Management Companies.
  • Manpower Supply Companies.


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