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Inventory Tracking


Inventory Tracking

Warehouses, Retail and distribution centers have a huge inventory. The efficient management of this inventory is paramount not only the profitability of the business but also to the customer satisfaction. Reducing the manual operation is the key to save time, money and improving the accuracy. The key to effective inventory control is maintaining accurate records of both incoming and outgoing stock.

Bene inventory using RFID technology helps you to automate and track the inventory with minimum human intervention. Using the RFID technology it is more easy to identify where to pick, put away and easily count your items in a very busy distribution centre. Bene Inventory provides the ability to scan this inventory in bulk rather than having to individually scan each item one by one. It also allows for collection of data throughout traditional warehouse and distribution operations. Combination of the fixed RFID reader, mobile readers with the right RFID tags makes Bene an ideal Inventory tracking solution for any business environment whether it is manufacturing or retail. The web based solution is easy to integrate with any ERP software for seamless data exchange.

The Benefits of RFID in Inventory Management :
  • Decreased Labor Costs
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Improved Inventory Visibility
  • Bulk scanning
  • Clear visibility on the inventory movements
  • Quick stock taking
  • Faster fulfilment
  • Fully automated process

Ideal for

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas


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