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Accuracy and efficiency are crucial in the healthcare sector. Medical blunders and expensive litigation can result from staff stress and time constraints. Misidentification of patients, medications, or samples can result in deadly errors.

With an RFID system, it is possible to accurately identify patients, their samples, and their medications, which can reduce errors and improve patient care and safety. Hospitals are increasingly requiring that health staff be able to access and record data securely using mobile devices, leveraging some of the already-in-place security infrastructure, such as secure contact smart cards.


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  • Medication administration
  • Patient identification
  • Laboratory sample labelling
  • Medication management
  • Blood transfusion management
  • Supply inventory management
  • Security/ visitor access control
  • Quarantine management
  • Monitoring and location of medical devices
  • Secure patient records from desktops and mobile devices

Management of discharge procedures operational efficiency thus enhancing profitability and boosting customer satisfaction.


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