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CEO’s Message


We started WOW RFID with a vision that we want to be a RFID technology driven company that provide solutions to improve efficiency of our customer’s business. We believed in RFID that it can solve many problems in the market from automation to visibility. From simple asset tracking in an office to a complex smart city, from patient safety to preventive maintenance of the machineries, RFID plays its role. Today WOW RFID recognized as the market leader in middle east is a true testament for our belief in RFID and focus. Our journey was not smooth, our focus, persistence and dedication took us where we are today. Thanks to all our early adopters who helped us to be here.

“Each Project is Unique”

We consider each project is different even the technology is the same. We strive to understand your needs, objectives and expectations and advise you the best formula as a consultant. The final solution is the implementation of the RFID solution that improve your efficiency makes your business more profitable.
I thank all our customers who accepted RFID technology to improve their efficiency.
We are happy to discuss with you on how RFID can improve your business, it is our DNA.
Thank you for visiting our website and hope that it you were able to find what you are looking for. I look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you.

Yours truly,
Faisal Mohamed
Co-Founder & CEO

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