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RFID Technology Applications Used in Different Industries

For all of the issues and challenges it brought, we may most remember- 2020 as the year of the rapid adoption of new technologies under some of the most trying conditions. All the businesses worldwide had to transform digitally due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

RFID is an ideal solution having played its inevitable part in every kind of business in surpassing the pandemic digitally.

Quick Takeaways:

  • RFID provides greater visibility into all operations in order to improve store and product efficiencies.
  • These solutions can be used in companies to track any movement of people inside your business stores.
  • With global supply chains receiving greater scrutiny, it enables you to investigate your products and verify that they originated from where your suppliers claimed.
Here are the Different Industrial Applications where RFID Technology is Used:

Improving Retail Efficiency

This technology improves stock and inventory accuracy and has been used in retail for years, but its use has increased dramatically since the introduction of barcodes. Barcodes were designed to replace manual data entry processes, but they quickly became outdated as retailers realized the benefits of using RFID tags instead. Today, RFID technology is being used by retailers across the globe to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

In addition to reducing theft, RFID solutions also help businesses identify lost inventory and track shipments. This helps companies save money while improving customer service. This will help you speed up your retail processes. Also, maintain your inventory levels automatically with an efficient system.


Tracing Traffic Inside the Store or Location

Nowadays, the pandemic has forced every business to keep track of all the people who enter the premise for safety precautions. Implementing an RFID system with accurate tracking for everyone who enters your store or building will ensure you can alert any individuals who encounter an infected person at that location.

The retail use cases for RFID include:
  • Generates customer and product-flow report
  • Ensure complete visibility of your employee movements
  • Track the products and who comes across them


Streamlining Checkout Procedures

Traditional checkout and payment processes are time-consuming and labor-intensive. It enables you to perform a touch-less checkout and payment process at your store. Also, it automates customer loyalty programs at your store.

RFID readers can automatically tally products letting you charge your customers and accept payment without any human intervention.


Reducing Theft and Improving Security

Track your products in and out, the person carried and much more. This will help you in a later investigation. The complete security of your products is ensured by an efficient system.

You can limit your product losses and theft from your store just by setting up an exit tracking system that automatically triggers alarms. An Integrated RFID solution streamlines your store in many ways.


Investigate and Verify Your Supply Chain

An efficient RFID solution brings out many opportunities to your business. Monitoring your supply chains from inception to completion will also ensure you identify any issues early and can respond effectively against exploitative practices.


Automatic Vehicle Identification

Automatically identify items that move through a specific point at your store. It tracks and gathers data which can be an inevitable asset for your business. proves to be an asset for businesses of all kinds.

Creating an electronic record of an automobile’s history and travelling patterns can help city planners, federal agencies, and retailers.


Event Management and Safety

Event organizers can use RFID solutions to improve conference safety and comply with applicable regulations. Track the attendees, and their movements and take reports according to certain times will ensure smooth managing of any function or meetings.

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RFID is no longer an emerging technology, it is indeed used in every industry like the retail sector, aerospace, healthcare and automotive industries by providing an innovative strategy to track people, products or other items.

We offer a wide range of solutions, which includes;
  • RFID Tags
  • RFID Readers
  • RFID Label Printers
  • RFID Labels

Accurately keeping track of inventory, inbound logistics, order fulfilment processes, or your entire supply chain provides clarity and insight into your organization’s efficiency.

In 2022, we expect to see more companies adopting RFID technology as part of their business strategy. This will help them improve efficiency and reduce costs. We hope you enjoyed reading this article! Get in touch with us to know the best fit solution for your business.



RFID enabled Asset Tracking Solution for UAE

The UAE is dynamic in its growth in the market and development, with expatriates increasing its economic growth and investment; there is an unpredictable growth rate in the population resulting in a rush in construction of more sites and expansion in the records of data. With so much happening, a fast, accurate, reliable tracking will help benefit people and organizations in saving time and increasing safety measures.

Challenges in a swift development

Constructions sites, yards, events and organizations are being developed in a fast paced environment beyond the boundaries of the city. With such speed in progress mishaps are bound to happen.

In remote places there is less security. Here, the instant tracking of assets, files and people become a challenge, therefore, decreasing the productivity and stalling the process.

If too fast, there is a certain risk of assets and files being misplaced, lost or stolen. The safety for the employees is also compromised as without tracking in such remote places a person is bound to get lost or meet with an accident.

An easy upgraded asset tracking solution

A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that can make asset tracking of inventory and people instant, accessible, manageable, retrievable and accountable through a live dash board.

Live Dashboard presents to you the real time updated data that can help save your time in tracking and loss prevention.

RFID can also help track an asset’s and a person’s location while it’s stationary and on the move.

A solution combining specialized RFID tags with fixed RFID readers or handheld RFID readers, make tracking much more ideal in organizations as well as in events or yards. It might also create accountability by allowing assets to be checked in and out.


WOW RFID consults, designs, builds and delivers IoT solutions which use technologies like RFID, Bluetooth, and GPS to provide location visibility and ensure accountability, control, and security


RFID enables faster emergency evacuation in the UAE

In the years 2016-2018, the UAE has witnessed a decline in swimming deaths, injuries, road accidents, and other accidents due to intense emergency planning.

The safety of residents is a key priority, and the Government has aimed to reduce risk factors and reinforce preparedness to respond to all hazardous incidents and emergencies by developing measures and executing an effective Emergency Action Planning which has been successful so far.

Emergency response and evacuation are especially needed in complex buildings. Though the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management claim that they have an effective emergency management plan, they admit that there is always scope for improvement.

However, even though the emergency plans are effective, one can never foresee the actual response of a panicked citizen as well as the overall results of the emergency planning and management. Every life is important even if the Emergency planning saves a majority.

The role of RFID in emergency planning

Emergency management depends on responders during crisis. If the first responders act efficiently, it reduces the response time during emergency evacuations. RFID Dubai solutions can make this possible.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as a technology can help provide the visible ongoing location of the employees during an emergency.

It can be implemented in all the sectors and industries. The employee just has to wear the RFID badge or wrist band which can be tracked at various check points in the building by the RFID Readers placed at an assembly point.

If employees are missing, while assembling at the point, RFID can point them out by segmentation. It then tracks down those missing and provides brief details on the identity and location of each employee.

Their current location will be sent as an alert to the system after which focused rescue actions can be executed.


WOW RFID consults, designs, builds and delivers IoT solutions which use technologies like RFID, Bluetooth, and GPS to provide location visibility and ensure accountability, control, and security


RFID enables faster inventory management in UAE

According to Gulf News, UAE is the most mature e-commerce market in the Middle East, and is constantly growing.

Given the marketing costs for e-commerce companies, UAE looks for smart and cost-efficient strategies to avoid spending too much.

Role of Inventory Management

In Saudi Arabia, millennials constitute 67% of the population, impatient with wait times and expecting deliveries as soon as possible.

Inventory management plays a huge role in fast deliveries; it not only increases customer satisfaction and sales, but also a company’s cash flow. It helps keeping unnecessary stock, which you can neither sell back to the supplier nor make profit from, becomes a loss.

RFID solutions for fast, affordable and accurate delivery of inventory

Various RFID solutions manage supply chains which result in prompt delivery of goods.

They also enable timely and accurate information on receipts, asset tracking on moveable raw materials, work in progress or finished goods, safe sales, precise valuation, and disposition of goods.

RFID presents brief details of inventory available in real-time with accurate information on all aspects such as status, color, size, style, lot numbers, serial numbers and expiration dates. It also provides affordable steps to manage and control inventory.

RFID technology is flexible as it can be linked to portable devices and systems which capture data and automatically upload them to a database at the click of a button. This ensures security, mobility and accountability.


WOW RFID consults, designs, builds and delivers IoT solutions which use technologies like RFID, Bluetooth, and GPS to provide location visibility and ensure accountability, control, and securit