Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) - A Solution for Visitor Tracking

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – A Solution for Visitor Tracking in Data Centres and Offices

BLE Visitor Tracking in Dubai
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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is one of the newest upgrades in technology for tracking people and assets. Apart from such uses, it helps to streamline supply chain management and gather position data of objects or people.

Dubai’s futuristic vision embraces smart infrastructure, digital innovation, and seamless connectivity. So, the scalability of BLE, the low latency, and the cost-effectiveness of BLE are in line with Dubai’s technology-driven future. It opens up a better scope for citizens and private agents to track visitors in their facility.

Let us understand how BLE for visitor tracking in Dubai could open up a new scope of management efficiency.

What is BLE technology?

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a communication system that does not need any form of wires. Due to such wireless communication systems, the range of BLE is generally shorter. Therefore, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based people tracking systems rely on packets of signals communicated to a sensor.

One of the advantages of Bluetooth low-energy systems is that it uses less power than a conventional Bluetooth system. Power consumption of BLE is less due to the sleep-emit-sleep process. Therefore, after a single frequency emission, Bluetooth goes back to sleep. The sensor system has a higher processivity and consumes more power.

The sensor can read information contained inside the tag. Additionally, it can also track location from BLE tags that are attachable to people or goods.

Types of BLE Systems Available for Visitor Tracking

There are two types of Bluetooth low-energy systems for people tracking or visitor management. These are BLE tags and BLE beacons, although they are working using the principle of Bluetooth Low Energy but they differ in operations.
Stationary BLE beacons communicate with BLE enabled devices for transmitting signals. BLE beacons are an advantage to use in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based people tracking systems.

With these Bluetooth low energy sensors, the device remains stationary. However, the data from the wearable chips are not stationary and they are collected by the server to be used for tracking the exact position of the user in a building.

On the other hand, BLE tags are made by the same principle but it is for small tags. These tags are generally moveable and more durable with accurate location information displayed for a user.

How BLE Works in Tracking Visitors?

The Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE Visitor Tracking System works by using the principle of sensor and receiver communication. The low-energy Bluetooth signals are emitted from the device picked by the sensors. The information that can be obtained is ID numbers or other information like location of the signal emitter.

1. Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons

The system of how Bluetooth Low Energy beacons work is by using data communication via the local sensor. To track a person or a visitor using the BLE visitor tracking system the wearable beacon sends a signal to a local sensor. The local sensor stores data temporarily in its local memory.

The data includes the position and ID number or Visitor number stored in the beacon. The database server has another BLE emitting source, which sends a signal that local sensor uses to share stored data. Thus, BLE beacons are a good system for tracking people or assets inside a facility.

The data from the local sensor database is then processed by the central database to create a representation of the visitor and its location. The data is updated as the visitor passes near another local sensor for the same cycle to repeat. Therefore, location information can be obtained indirectly as a person moves from one sensor location to another.

2. Bluetooth Low Energy Tags

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based people tracking systems with BLE tags use a self-powered system. The tags emit a signal and go to sleep at fixed intervals, which is traced by a sensor. Due to the smaller size of the data packets, power consumption is low and the range is short.

The Bluetooth tags are useful for communicating location and other, more specific information. The BLE tags are also available to be incorporated into a gateway where location of the personnel can be tracked as they pass through it.

Due to more resistance to weather and self-powering abilities of the trackers, you can use them for outdoor tracking as well. Thus, in contrast to BLE beacons, which are stationary and can be used indoors, tags are suitable for external use.

Such a system is helpful for facilities that need to track people both indoors and outdoors.

Uses of Bluetooth Low Energy Tracking

There are several uses of BLE tracking for using inside facilities and other gateways to track visitors. Some of common uses of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based people tracking systems are as follows:

1. Equipment and machinery tracking

The BLE system makes it easier to get an idea about a particular machinery or equipment. This is due to the communication between BLE tags or beacons and sensors.

2. Tracking People

As mentioned above, signal reciprocation between sensors and receivers can track people. Using BLE tags, it is easier for you to track the movement of people in a facility.

3. Vehicles

BLE tags are inside a vehicle, which helps to track it efficiently. Such a system is useful for tracking vehicles and other materials inside a facility or outside provided a sensor system is present.

One of the major benefits of using Bluetooth Low Energy is its low power consumption and efficient tracking. BLE for visitor tracking in Dubai can help to revolutionise the process of screening and locating a visitor. This not only improves the facility but it is a cheaper alternative to other technologies.

An advancement to the conventional Bluetooth systems consumes more power. With a Bluetooth – emitting system the sleep-emit-sleep functionality helps it to transfer more information in short packets and with a lower power consumption. With BLE tags, you can easily track people who are outside or inside a facility, but the beacons are good for indoor tracking of people.

At WOWRFID, the Bene people BLE solution is capable of delivering technology that can help in people visibility. The tracking device is capable of providing real time data to the facility administrators helping in visitor tracking. The RFID systems are helpful for managing your facility and create a safe environment for visitors. Thus, contact us today to get the best solutions for your workspace or establishment.


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