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Asset Tracking


Asset Tracking

Performing accurate and timely asset inventory is mission critical and any grey area will affect the bottom line of your business. Bene Asset Tracking solution platform is purpose-built for asset management and inventory control using RFID technology that delivers both value and performance.

Bene Asset Tracking solution combines durable RFID tags and Smartphones and is more intuitive than barcode systems. When you deploy Bene Asset, you will receive instant visibility into your asset’s location and when an asset has moved.

It is a cost effective RFID asset tracking solution designed to provide real-time location and status visibility of all assets. Assets are tagged with an appropriate RFID tag and fixed RFID infrastructure is used to automatically check assets in and out. Handheld readers are used in conjunction to perform a range of logistical processes.

Integrated with multiple RFID technologies like UHF and BLE (Bluetoooth Low Energy), makes Bene Asset ideal tracking solution for for both critical and not critical assets.

The Benefits of RFID in Asset Tracking :
  • Instant visibility
  • Quick audit with simple process
  • Increased accuracy with Decreased Labor Costs
  • Bulk scanning

Ideal for

  • Hospitality sectors
  • Corporate & Government offices
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas


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