January 5, 2021 - Wowrfid

Day: January 5, 2021


RFID enables faster inventory management in UAE

According to Gulf News, UAE is the most mature e-commerce market in the Middle East, and is constantly growing.

Given the marketing costs for e-commerce companies, UAE looks for smart and cost-efficient strategies to avoid spending too much.

Role of Inventory Management

In Saudi Arabia, millennials constitute 67% of the population, impatient with wait times and expecting deliveries as soon as possible.

Inventory management plays a huge role in fast deliveries; it not only increases customer satisfaction and sales, but also a company’s cash flow. It helps keeping unnecessary stock, which you can neither sell back to the supplier nor make profit from, becomes a loss.

RFID solutions for fast, affordable and accurate delivery of inventory

Various RFID solutions manage supply chains which result in prompt delivery of goods.

They also enable timely and accurate information on receipts, asset tracking on moveable raw materials, work in progress or finished goods, safe sales, precise valuation, and disposition of goods.

RFID presents brief details of inventory available in real-time with accurate information on all aspects such as status, color, size, style, lot numbers, serial numbers and expiration dates. It also provides affordable steps to manage and control inventory.

RFID technology is flexible as it can be linked to portable devices and systems which capture data and automatically upload them to a database at the click of a button. This ensures security, mobility and accountability.


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